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AU$21 MILLION on October 29, 2016  

Numbers Drawn:   6 Main Numbers + 2 Bonus Numbers
Numbers Range:   Balls numbered from 1 to 45
Average Jackpot:   AU$14 Million


Several times a year, Lotto enthusiasts look forward to entering and winning EXTRA LARGE Jackpot prizes in the AUSTRALIAN LOTTERY. These seasonal bankrolls, called "SUPERDRAWS", pay out the biggest Jackpots and give the best odds of winning a cash prize than any other Lotto in the Asia/Pacific region.

This March, the Australian Lottery Superdraw will pay out a guaranteed minimum Jackpot of AU$21 Million, plus hundreds of lower division cash prizes.

Players from overseas have never had the chance before to enter and win in OZ Superdraw. But now, through OSA, you have the rare opportunity to become the next Superdraw multi-millionaire!

Prize CategoriesMatching NumbersPercentage Payout
1st Division
(Jackpot Prize)
6 of 6Jackpot
2nd Division5 + at least 1 Supplementary3.8% of prize pool
3rd Division5 Numbers8.2% of prize pool
4th Division4 at least 1 Supplementary12.4% of prize pool
5th Division3 at least 1 Supplementary20.8% of prize pool
6th Division1 or 2 + 2 Supplementaries26.8% of prize pool